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Thoughts from our Pastors and Guests

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Why Are We Dedicating Our New Church Building This Sunday?

Dedication Invitation - Former 3

What is the purpose of having a dedication service? And what does it mean to "dedicate" something to God?...

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Refreshment needed

Refreshed Image

Refreshment a light snack or drink, especially one provided at a public place or event. the giving of fresh mental or physical energy and strength. Now as much as I enjoy the first type of refreshment, what I'm most interested in as a pastor is the second type of refreshment. Here's why. I've been a pastor for 19 years and based on my experiences working with pe...

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Forgiveness vs. Reconciliation - What's the Difference?

Have you ever been confused about the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation? Discover the difference in this blog post....

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7 Questions to Ask about the Gray Areas in Your Life

7 Questions to Ask about the Gray Areas in Your Life Do you ever encounter a situation and think: God doesn't seem to be clear about this; how do I determine what is right? Can I have it both ways? Does it really matter what I decide? In God's grace and kindness, there are many areas in our lives where he has given us freedom and discretion. However, he doesn't leave us ...

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Why it's important to celebrate Black History Month

Black History Month is an opportunity to remember and further understand the complex history of African Americans in America. It's important to do this in order to better recognize the ongoing implications it has on our present reality. This is by no means an easy task. Yet, as God's church, we are told that we are one body called by the same Spirit to one faith in one Lor...

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Cheerful Giving

What word best describes your giving? In 2 Corinthians 9:6-10 there is one word that describes the kind of giving that God gets fired up about.It says, "God loves a cheerful giver." This meansGod loves it when his people give willingly and gladly. Now in the days and weeks and months ahead I know you and I will be tempted to not be cheerful in our giving. Maybe you'll fa...

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Grace Giving

Everyone knows what thanksgiving is about, but what is grace giving? People give for a variety of reasons, because they trust the organization they're giving too, because they want to meet a need, or to get a tax break. But why do Christians give? When we look at 2 Co 8:1-9 we discover there's just one reason for Christians to give. Among the Christians living in Jerus...

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Reciprocal giving

There was a Generosity Campaign in the first century. Among the Christians living in Jerusalem there was a famine that hit and as a result the Christians were in need. So Paul wrote to the churches and told them of the need and invites them to give. One of these was Corinth. Corinth was a wealthy church. And it turns out they were one of the first churches to say they woul...

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Bold prayer #1: Search me

All of us struggle to receive honest feedback about areas we need to change. But what if instead of waiting for those who know us well to give us honest feedback about ways we need to change, what if we went to them and asked them for it? Better yet what if we went to God directly and asked him? That's exactly what happens in Psalm 139:23-24. If we want to become the peop...

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Bold prayer #2: Break me.

On Sunday, Nov. 11, we're starting our generosity campaign called Step Forward Togetherto raise money to see God's vison for building at 580-586 N Michigan St become a reality. This made me think about the first gift we ever received for a building fund. Pathway officially started on Sunday, October 2, 2005. We sent postcards out and invited people to come and had a grea...

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