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Archives for November 2018

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Grace Giving

Everyone knows what thanksgiving is about, but what is grace giving? People give for a variety of reasons, because they trust the organization they're giving too, because they want to meet a need, or to get a tax break. But why do Christians give? When we look at 2 Co 8:1-9 we discover there's just one reason for Christians to give. Among the Christians living in Jerus...

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Reciprocal giving

There was a Generosity Campaign in the first century. Among the Christians living in Jerusalem there was a famine that hit and as a result the Christians were in need. So Paul wrote to the churches and told them of the need and invites them to give. One of these was Corinth. Corinth was a wealthy church. And it turns out they were one of the first churches to say they woul...

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Bold prayer #1: Search me

All of us struggle to receive honest feedback about areas we need to change. But what if instead of waiting for those who know us well to give us honest feedback about ways we need to change, what if we went to them and asked them for it? Better yet what if we went to God directly and asked him? That's exactly what happens in Psalm 139:23-24. If we want to become the peop...

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Bold prayer #2: Break me.

On Sunday, Nov. 11, we're starting our generosity campaign called Step Forward Togetherto raise money to see God's vison for building at 580-586 N Michigan St become a reality. This made me think about the first gift we ever received for a building fund. Pathway officially started on Sunday, October 2, 2005. We sent postcards out and invited people to come and had a grea...

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Bold prayer #3: Use me

In the Bible when God called people, not everyone responded the same way. So let's look at three possible ways we can respond to God's call which will then lead us to our third bold prayer. For some, maybe you're like Jonah. Jonah said, "Here I am. I'm not going." Jonah 1:1-3 God called Jonah to go west to Nineveh and serve him, but Jonah ran east and then gets on a ship...

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