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That wasn't exactly what I asked for


Our daughter Maddie, a college senior, was stressing about her serious lack of funds over Christmas break. She had an appendectomy on December 1st and due to complications post-surgery she wasn’t able to work all month. I kept telling her, “The Lord knows what you need.” And then I would anxiously pray, “Lord, HELP!” The Scriptures tell us that we walk by faith and not by sight¹. The not-seeing-part can be a bit of a challenge.

Oh, me of little faith!

Maddie called last week to say that she had enough money to buy groceries or books. She opted for groceries. So she prayed for money, we prayed for money, and she went to her first day of classes. In her first class, the professor said, “You don’t need to buy any books for this class. What you need is either online or articles I will provide.” Dodged that bullet! She went to her next class – same story. She went to her next two classes – NO BOOKS NEEDED!
Maddie told me, “God answered my prayer even though it wasn’t exactly what I asked for. But he provided!

In the story of Hagar² we are reminded that God sees us. He knows what we are going through. He loves us. He will provide for us – even in the dessert when we’re thirsty, when we’ve been rejected, abused and abandoned, and when there seems to be no way to be rescued.

As we pray and fast as a church family over the next few days, be encouraged to ask God for specific things you need. Nothing is too small (money for books) or too big (rescue from death). If you’re not sure what you need, but have a sense you need God’s help, tell him. Tell him what's in your heart.³ He will answer because he loves you.

Let’s pray and watch what God will do!


¹2 Corinthians 5:7 (and check out Hebrews 11)

²Genesis 16 & 21:8-21

³Luke 18: 9-14



Great testimony of God's provision, and His love for us in every area of our lives!
Thank you Jennifer for sharing that blog.It was well written and full of GOD’s Truth! His ways and timing are always perfect, even if it doesn’t seam like it. We are Christian soldiers walking our journey by faith , not
by our sight or feelings.

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