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What is The Quest for the King?

The Land of the Seven Realms is in great peril!

In The Quest for the King, our students are transported into a fantasy world. This world, The Land of the Seven Realms, is in grave danger as Halgor, Prince of Ria is wreaking havoc on The Land. The only hope of bringing stablity back to The Land is a rumored king who is said to be even more powerful than Halgor. The students play the role of ambassadors from 3 realms that are on a quest to find out 3 things:

1. Does the king exist?
2. Can he save The Land?
3. Can we trust Him?

These are three questions that we can likewise ask about God. Each quest night will focus on a different aspect of God and his creation as students engage in this immersive experience.

On non-quest nights we will continue to meet in our small groups to process the things we are learning about God, ourselves, and the world around us.

Emblems of the Infinite King is the resource that a lot of our teaching content is based off for this series.

Crossway also released a one minute video that captures the heart behind this series.