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Step-by-Step With Jesus

Take real, practical steps in your faith this year.

What is your next step? That is the question for the next several months. What is your next step with Jesus? There are major steps that help guide us as we mature as Christians but a lot of the "steps" that we take are minor steps -- small acts of faith towards Jesus. Below you will find the links that take you to each major step, and on each major step page you will find links to the overviews of our teachings this year. Enjoy!

Step #1 (September): LEARN who Jesus truly is (come to know Jesus as your savior and Lord of your life)

Step #2 (October): UNLEARN the way of the wicked (begin to put off the "old self").

Step #3 (November): RELEARN the way of the righteous (begin to put on the "new self").

Step #4 (December): Embrace the love and life that is yours in the community that is yours.

Step #5 (January): Share this love and new life with others.