To stop the spread of COVID-19, we are suspending all on-site church activities through April 30. The worship gathering will be broadcst LIVE here at 9:30.

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Have you ever wondered how a relationship that started out so good got so messy and difficult? In our sermon series, Relationslips, we'll look at the book of James to identify five lies that ruin relationships. We’ll also discover that God’s truth, when believed and applied to our lives, sets us free and brings peace and joy to our relationships.


February 23 

  • Lie #1  If I just had ________ then I would be happy.


March 1

  • Lie #2  The problem is definitely not me.


March 8

  • Lie #3  I control my future.


March 15

  • Lie #4  If I just had more money then I’d be happy.


March 22

  • Lie #5  If only I could change ________, then everything would be perfect.