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New Beginnings

We love new beginnings. A wedding, the birth of a baby, the start of a new school year, a new job, a new home. All these new beginnings are filled with excitement and curiosity, energy and intrigue. The same is true spiritually. The good news about Christianity is that God is a God of second chances. Because of God’s grace, regardless of who you are, or what your past, anyone can make a new beginning with God. Find out what a new beginning with God looks like, and how to make a fresh start with him in this summer series from the book of Deuteronomy.

May 26 (Memorial Day weekend) Make a New Beginning Deut. 1:1-3:29 It’s hard to face our past mistakes. It’s even harder to not be controlled by them. But what we’ll learn in this first message is that in order to make a new beginning by faith in God’s promises, we must own our past.

June 2 Listening is the New Living (Communion Sunday) Deut. 4:1-49 What voices do you listen to? Your own? Your peers? The culture? In order to make a new beginning, we must learn to listen to God’s voice above all the others and obey him.

June 9 Forever Fear Deut. 5:29 Fear has a very strong influence on us. It can paralyze us and keep us from living the way God calls us to live. But there’s the right kind of fear that actually motivates us to love God and obey him. In order to make a fresh start we must cultivate the right kind of fear. Which one are you cultivating?

June 16 (Father’s Day) Love God and Tell Our Children Why Deut. 6:1-25 In response to God’s grace we love God by obeying him. And when it comes to our children asking us why we obey God, we need to be prepared to tell them so they don’t just learn the rules, but the reason behind the rules.

June 23 Beware of the Subtle Test of Success Deut. 8:1-20 Success can be dangerous. It can cause us to think more highly of ourselves, and to take credit for things that God provided. That’s why we must beware of the subtle test of success and be ready to handle it.

June 30 Worship God’s Way Deut. 12:1-7 When it comes to the Sunday worship gathering everyone has their preferences. Some like certain types of music, others like less singing. Still others prefer more singing. But what does God want from us?  Find out what it means to worship God’s way.

July 7 Give Generously to Those in Need Deut. 15:1-18. (Communion Sunday)There are people with real needs all around us. So what is our responsibility to meet those needs?  How do we decide which ones to meet and which ones to ignore? Find out what God has to say about this.

July 14 Remember and Celebrate all that is yours in Christ Deut 16:1-17 (Chosen People Ministries Preaching) When you read the Bible you soon discover that God’s people were instructed to hold regular feasts throughout the Jewish year.  The reason was so that they would take time to remember and to celebrate all that God has done. Join us as we remember and celebrate all the good things God has done for us in Jesus!

July 21 Everything for God. Deut. 22:1-12 If we’re not careful we can fall into the trap of living segmented lives. We wrongly think these things are mine and this is God’s. But when we are transformed by God’s grace, we see everything in our life is for God. Is that how you live?

July 28 Say no to Sexual Sin. Deut. 22:13-30 Since God created us he has set boundaries on our lives because he knows what’s best for us. This includes sex. Find out what these good boundaries are and learn how to say no to sexual sin and say yes to God.

August 4 Give Thanks for All God has Done Deut. 26:1-11 (Communion Sunday) We live in a culture of entitlement.  As a result, gratitude is near extinction. But as God’s people saved by grace, gratitude characterizes us. Or at least it should. How grateful are you today?

August 11 The Blessings and Curses of God Deut. 28. What are the blessings of God? What are his curses? And does God still bless and curse people today? Find out in this very important message.

August 18 Only God Changes Hearts. Deut. 30:1-10. God’s people continued to disobey him and experience the consequences of their sin.  So how can we be the people God calls us to be and obey him today? What we need is a new heart and this is something only God can do.