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Immerse Bible

Immerse Bible

Immerse Messiah
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We are launching Immerse: Kingdoms for Fall 2020. Have Week 1 read by August 29.

The Student Ministry at Pathway is currently engaging in the Immerse Bible Reading resource. We are on volume 1: Messiah. Here is what you need to know about Immerse:
    *Immerse is a Bible. It contains the entirety of the Old and New Testaments.
    *Immerse is published in 6 volumes. Follow the link above to see the six volumes.
    *Immerse has removed the chapter and verse denominations from the text. There are
     a few benefits to this. First, this is how the Bible was originally written -- without any
     verse or chapter markings. The Hebrew Old Testament had a system to demarcate
     longer sections within books but it did not follow anything close to the verse/chapter
     distinction we have today. Second, this helps the Bible feel more like a story (which it
     is!) when reading it. Third, and finally, this helps with engaging in the Bible in a new
     way. You would be surprised at how much more engaged you feel when the pages
     aren't unimaginably thin and you're reading from 4 columns of text. 
   *Immerse is a way that we are reading the Bible in community -- again which is how
     the Bible was meant to be read. Every week, no matter where we are, we are talking
     about the prior week's reading with one another. Sharpening one another.

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