To stop the spread of COVID-19, we are suspending all on-site church activities until further notice. The worship gathering will be broadcast LIVE here at 9:30.

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Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team is a great way to get involved at Pathway.

It always gives you an opportunity to get to know new people and serve in a tangible way. When you join the Hospitality Team, you will be able to sign onto the events where you want to serve. 

Here are ways to help:

Meal Train

Join the meal train team. We provide meals to people who are finding life is too full or difficult to think of food - new baby, death in the family, illness, moving.

Event Coordinator

Manage the event from end-to-end with support from the Deacon of Hospitality or the Pathway office. Coordinate necessary volunteers, delegate to and manage the event team. Responsible for completed tasks and running hospitality on the event day. Possible events: Baptism Celebrations, Church Picnics, Membership Class, Community Outreach events, Volunteer Appreciation Dessert, Turkey Bowl/Chili Cook-off, Conferences, Retreats and more.

Event Support

Participate as part of an event team by providing support before or the day of an event. Events include: Picnics, Baptism Celebrations, Membership Class, Outreach, Volunteer Appreciation Dessert, Turkey Bowl/Chili Cook-off, and more.


Open your home for an event. This can include, but does not necessitate, providing the meal or dessert as well.

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