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It’s hard to forgive people that hurt us. It’s even harder to forgive them when they don’t ask for it or continue to hurt us. The good news is that forgiving others doesn’t depend on them. Join us for this life changing series and discover the power both to be forgiven and to forgive others.  It will set you free!

Friday, April 19 (6:30pm Good Friday @ 210 N. York St. Suite 103) The Good news of Forgiveness. On Good Friday we remember the cruel suffering and death of Jesus Christ on a cross. The strange thing is we call this day Good Friday.  What's so "good" about an innocent man suffering and dying on a cross? In this message we'll not only explain the good news of Good Friday but how to experience it.

Sunday, April 21, (9:30am Easter Sunday) The Guarantee of Forgiveness. The Bible teaches that if we trust in Jesus Christ then all our sins (past, present and future) will be forgiven. That's a pretty incredible claim. Is there any proof of this? Discover the guarantee of forgiveness in this Easter Sunday message.

Sunday, April 28 Live Forgiven. After we experience complete forgiveness in Jesus Christ, how do we live? In this message we'll learn how a prostitute lived differently once all her sins were forgiven and how we too can experience this same transformation.

Sunday, May 5 Forgiven to Forgive. Experiencing total forgiveness not only changes how we live it empowers us to forgive others in the same way we've been forgiven. But does forgiveness have limits? How many times must we forgive?  Those are some of the questons we plan to answer in this message.

Sunday, May 12 (Mother’s Day) Do I have an Unforgiving Spirit? When others hurt us it's hard to forgiven them - especially when they don't ask for it. But some of the dangers of unforgiveness are resentment, bitterness, and even rage. Find out in this message if you have an unforgiving spirit and if so how to be set free.  

Sunday, May 19 Blessing our Enemies. It's difficult to forgive others when they don't ask for it, but being kind to them and blessing them sounds crazy. Yet when we know the radical love that was extended to us when we were enemies of God, it empowers us to bless our enemies.