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Rediscover Easter

April 14, 2019 to April 20, 2019

All Day

Category: Families | Coordinator: Jason Foreman

Rediscover Easter

Four clues. Four churches. Four devotions.
List of CLUES

Families with kids of all ages.
What? A four-stop scavenger hunt that takes you and your family through the major events of Holy Week, with stops at four different churches in Elmhurst. Bring your family and invite another family to come along with you!
How does it work?
First: Grab your first clue at Pathway on Palm Sunday OR you can find that clue on this page once the event begins. This will send you to the first of four stops on the scavenger hunt.
Second: Navigate to the first church, locate the box full of devos, grab a devo and have at it!
Third: Follow the instructions as a family, grab your "take" item, and your easter egg which has a clue that will send you to the next church location.

*All clues and devotions will be left out at each participating church 24/7 during the week of Holy Week. Pick a day or evening to knock out all 4 stops or do one stop a day for four days... however you want!

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