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Living in the Fullness of God

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If ever there was a time to ask ourselves if we are living in the fullness of God, it is now. That is what I first thought when I stopped to reflect on how I am living with the Lord during this uncertain time. However, my next thought is that we should just ask ourselves that question every morning. What better way to commit ourselves each day to living worthy of the calling on our lives, than to start each day with a mindset of Christ. 

So what does this look like? The obvious answer is that before our feet hit the floor, we would say a prayer, enter into His presence, and allow the process of emptying (ourselves) and filling (with the Holy Spirit) to start our day. Other obvious ways we can live in the fullness of Christ is in how we conduct ourselves. Consider others when shopping, check on neighbors, offer to serve someone when it requires sacrifice, and these are just a few ways to live out our faith.

But then there are the less obvious ways we chose to live out our faith. We go to the Lord when we are tempted to give into fear and anxiety. In Paul’s letter to the Phillipians, he tells them that “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus”. God’s peace is bigger than any big, scary thing in this world. That is hard to remember when we are at the grocery store, thinking about our vulnerability, or worrying about our loved ones. Is God going to make sure I have everything I need? Does he realize I have a compromised immune system? I can’t even see my kids, or parents, or spouse to make sure they are okay! Here is where we have a choice…..

We have all heard of the power of positive thinking, and I would like to propose a spin off of that called the power of praise thinking. What would it look like if in each of those situations we exercised praise thinking. Let’s do it together. Lord, thank you for continuing to meet my every need, for providing the things and people on this earth that I would need to make it through any situation. Thank you God for providing me with the security and safety in knowing that you will take care of me, that you are bigger than any earthly physical condition. I praise you Father for watching over the people I love, that you see them and are with them even though I cannot be. 

You see, the Lord knows our hearts, knows our fears, knows our needs, and has already made provisions in every area of our lives. If you are not sure about that truth, tell someone! Contact your friends, your community, your church, and be honest about what you need. God designed us to live this life in community. You are not alone. You have the power of the Almighty, the ability to exercise praise thinking, and the means to reach out to someone for any help you might need. Do not let fear, or the one who loves fear, steal your peace and joy. Live a life that is full, and fully for Christ and for the sake of others.