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Can God Be Trusted?

advent 2019

Jesus coming to earth means that God is both truthful and trustworthy. Jesus is literally living proof that God can be trusted. Romans 15:8 tells us that Christ came “to show God’s truthfulness, in order to confirm the promises given to the patriarchs”. In these first two weeks of Advent we've looked at two different prophecies in the book of Isaiah. Both of them were ultimately fulfilled in Jesus -- embodying God’s trustworthiness. We learned that Jesus coming and being Immanuel, God with us, gives us ultimate hope and ultimate peace. We can take these truths to the bank and stake our whole lives’ worth on them because God is trustworthy. He promised his people that he would send a savior, and that is precisely what he did in Jesus. 

God’s truthfulness and trustworthiness, embodied in Jesus can have huge implications for our lives… if we’re willing. If God made good on His promises to send a savior, then there is no reason to doubt any other promise from God. When my three week old, Cyrus, won’t go down to bed at 2 AM, the truthfulness of Christmas reminds me that God is still good. I don’t need to ever doubt God’s promises because I know Immanuel.

“God’s truthfulness is the constant in a universe of flux. God’s truthfulness is the unwavering absolute. If we forsake God’s truthfulness, the anchor is up, the rudder is loose, the keel is broken, and the ship of life (political life, social life, educational life, scientific life, family life) is simply at the mercy of the wind of human wishes. So I say it with all my heart: demonstrating the truthfulness of God is a great blessing. Give that blessing to your children. Say to the next generation again and again: God is truthful; God keeps his word; God does not lie; God can be trusted! That’s one blessing of Advent. Receive it as a wonderful Christmas gift, and give it to as many people as you can.”1


1 John Piper, The Dawning of Indestructible Joy (Wheaton: Crossway, 2014), 32-33.

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