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Why I'm Praying For Our Grand Opening: And How You Can Too!


Prayer has been the theme of my week. Not because I’m so spiritual that all I think about is prayer. No. It’s because God has made prayer front and center for me.

We had an edifying discussion about the sermon from Dedication Sunday at the Missional Community Group that I attend. As we discussed how we could become the church God wants us to be, our leader, Brad, reminded us that we do not do these things in our own strength but by the power of the Spirit. We are much more sensitive to the work and power of the Spirit in our lives when we pray to know the Holy Spirit and ask that our purposes by aligned to His. Earlier this week, God had put it on my heart and Brad’s heart to utilize prayer walking while we’re at work. We both leave our offices throughout the day for various reasons and the Holy Spirit prodded us both to utilize that time to pray for those around us.

This is powerful because it (a) invites the Holy Spirit to work in our midst and (b) helps align my heart to His purposes so I am ready to participate in His work. 

So church, I invite you to come and prayer walk the community around our church building this Sunday evening at Fourth Sunday, from 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM. Our Grand Opening is Sunday, October 6. There is a lot of work going into making this day great. The greatest work that we can do, however, is to bring it before the Lord. Join us as we ask Him to work in our midst. Join us as we pray that he would stir many hearts to be drawn to His love. Join us as we ask for our hearts to be aligned with His purposes -- so we’re ready to participate in His work!