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4 Consequences Of Not Being In Community


We were created for community.  And we need to be in healthy community in order to grow and become the people God calls us to be. 

But when we isolate and pull away from community there are serious consequences.  Here are at least four consequences of not being in community:

Lost perspective When we live isolated lives we have no outside objective voice to speak into our lives to point out where we are out of balance.  The lows seem lower, and the highs seem higher.  Satan loves to isolate us so he can mess with our mind. That’s why we need community. We need others to tell us the truth in love.

Fear of intimacy When we are not in community we tend to fear intimacy more. “If they really got to know me what would they think of me?” 

That’s why we need community – to learn how to be vulnerable and to risk being honest and to learn that people will accept us when we are honest and real about our stuggles.

Selfishness Isolation breeds selfishness.  If you live on your own schedule, meeting your own needs, indulging your own desires you are going to become more selfish. But being in community with others not only shows us our selfishness, but teaches us how to put others ahead of ourselves.

Poor health When we are alone and isolated we are more at risk for poor health.  Research shows that isolated people are 3X more likely to die than those with strong relationships.  Living life in isolation without meaningful relationships is not good for us because it is not what God intended for us.  “Living life independently does not reflect the One whose image we bear.”

God created us for community and the way to grow and become the people God calls us to be is in community.  That’s why at Pathway we want every person to be in a group.  Check out this link to find the different groups we offer and to get into community!

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