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12 Verse Challenge

Give the gift of God's Word to a language-group that does not have it

Join the 12V challenge! It costs $35 to translate one verse of Scripture. $35/month for one year = 12 verses.
Click HERE to sign up. See below for more info on the 12V challenge.

Did you know?
*More than a billion people are trapped in the darkness of Bible poverty, with little or no access to Scripture?
*There are more than 3,800 languages with little or no access to Scripture and 2,000 of those don't have access to a single verse of scripture.
Think about that! What if you did not have the Word of God in a language that you understood? How would you get through the trying times? How would you raise your family? Most importantly, how would you know Jesus? In John 1:14 we are told that the “Word became flesh and dwelt among us”. In his grace, God made Jesus, the original translation of the word, so that you and I could know Him. Since His time on earth until now, generations of humans have come to know Jesus through Scripture, which 2 Timothy 3:16 tells us is the breath of God on a page. 

Illuminations is a collective impact alliance of the 10 leading Bible translation agencies and their global partners who are working together to finish the task of having a Bible translated into every language by 2033. The 12 V Challenge is a monthly commitment to help translate 12 Verses over the next year at $35 a verse. 

Help us meet our goal: The good news is that we at Pathway get to be a part of that. Our church has joined the campaign with a goal of 50 people pledging to commit to $35 a month over the next 12 months to help end Biblical poverty. Of course we would love for it to be more than that so our much bigger goal is to invite our community -- the local churches -- to  join us in our campaign. Our mission and vision at Pathway is to help people find and follow Jesus and make His word known throughout the world and it starts here - with us.