Missional Communties Overview

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Jesus came into our world on a rescue mission to seek and to save lost sinners like you and me (Luke 19:10). However, God the Son was not alone on this mission – He was sent by God the Father and he was empowered by God the Spirit. And when he came he took ordinary broken people and transformed them into something they could never become on their own – reproducing disciples (Matthew 4:18-22). Interestingly, just before he ascended back to heaven, Jesus gathered together his ragamuffin band of followers and he commissioned them to go and do the very thing he came into our world to do - make disciples.

From this there are three main elements that stand out: Community, Discipleship & Mission

  • Community - If you have been rescued by Jesus you are part of a gospel community called the church.
  • Discipleship - If you have been rescued by Jesus then you are a disciple – a follower of Jesus who is learning to say yes to him in everything he commands.
  • Mission - If you have been rescued from sin by Jesus then you are now a missionary right where God has you today at work, at home, at school, in your neighborhood, etc. to see those who are far from God rescued by Jesus and to become his disciple.


What is a Missional Community?

A missional community is a group of Christ-followers who commit to gather together weekly to remind each other of who they are as gospel community members, disciples and missionaries and to spur each other on (Hebrews 10:24-25) to live these out throughout the week.


What do Missional Communities do?

The goal of every Missional Community is to help each person who has been rescued by Jesus to understand their identity as a gospel-community member, a disciple and a missionary and to live these out all the time.

In order to see this happen, a MC's will meet weekly to focus specifically on community, discipleship and/or mission. In order to help the group grow in knowing who they are the leader will lead the group to encourage, equip, hold accountable, celebrate, model, and practice each of these areas.


What does a Missional Community look like in action?

Each MC will have an intentional monthly rhythm of community, discipleship, mission & practice.


Reinforce our identity as gospel family | Meal together | Practice thanksgiving | Care for and encourage one another | Pray for Pathway on mission


Reinforce our identity as followers of Jesus | Intentionally engage with God’s Word (Hear, Believe, Repent, Apply, Pray) | Encouraging one another to obey Jesus


Reinforce our identity as missionaries | Help identify the people God is calling us to bring the gospel to | Equip all to share the gospel and their own gospel story | Pray for the salvation of others, for opportunities and boldness


Reinforce our identity as followers of Jesus together bringing the gospel to the world | prayer walks | serving together & inviting lost people | celebrating together with lost people | going to local gatherings to share | joining the rest of the body for prayer


Please contact us if you are interested in joining a missional community or if you would just like more information.